Common Signs it is time for Automatic Transmission Repair in GR

Trying to figure out the issue that your vehicle has can be a bit challenging. However, when you know the common issues that can occur with your transmission, then you will also know when it is time to seek Automatic Transmission Repair in GR. Some of the most common issues that you will see are highlighted here.

No Response when You Shift

Have you begun to notice driving that when driving down the road your vehicle does not shift into the right gear? If so, there is definitely some type of issue present. The moment that you shift your car into drive, it should then automatically take over the shifting for you. However, if feels as though it will not shift into that next gear, then you likely have a transmission issue.

Humming, Clunking and Whining

While it is not possible to determine what type of sound your vehicle will make when you are experiencing transmission issue, there is one thing you will notice for sure: you will feel or hear something new and unusual. The sounds that your vehicle make will differ between models and makes and you will likely hear some type of whining, buzzing or humming when a transmission issue is present.

Low or Leaking Transmission Fluid

Another sign that you need to seek Automatic Transmission Repair in GR is that the fluid is leaking. The automatic transmission fluid is considered the life blood of the entire unit since it conditions, cleans and lubricates the transmission and also acts as a seal and hydraulic fluid. If this is not present, or has leaded out, your vehicle engines can seize up and completely stop working. This is one of the most expensive repairs that you could possibly need for your vehicle’s transmission.

The bottom line is that if you suspect a transmission issue, you need to Contact Bob’s Transmission for more information. Your transmission can quickly go from a small problem, to a large issue, which is why you should seek repair service if you ever suspect a problem. For more information Click here and learn why you may need transmission repair.

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