Should You Schedule an Oil Change in Minneapolis? 3 Signs That It’s Time to Make the Call

Oil changes are a crucial part of keeping your car’s engine in working order. Though it’s risky to skip oil changes, you may not realize you need one until there’s a problem requiring car repair in Minneapolis. One of the following signs could mean that it’s time to schedule an oil change.

The Engine is Making Odd Noises

The oil keeps the engine’s internal parts lubricated and working efficiently. If the oil inside your engine is old, it has probably lost some of those lubricating properties. When oil can’t do its job, engine parts rub together, creating strange noises. With regular oil changes, you’ll reduce the noise and the risk of premature engine part wear.

Burning Smells

Though some smells are normal, the smell of burning oil is a cause for concern. Your oil not only lubricates the engine’s parts; it also regulates its temperature. When the oil is dirty and old, it won’t keep the engine cool. If you smell an oily, burnt odor inside the cabin, consider scheduling an oil change.

Changes in Consistency

Some signs are easy to detect, but others are more challenging. Thankfully, it’s easy to visually inspect your oil. Wait until the engine cools, and raise the hood. Remove the dipstick from the reservoir, wiping it with a clean paper towel. Re-insert and remove it once more to note the color and consistency of the oil. If it’s translucent and yellowish, that’s good; if it is dark, that’s probably okay, too. However, if your oil is gritty and thick, it’s time for an oil change.

When to Schedule an Oil Change

Maybe you aren’t sure if you really need to change your oil, or maybe you don’t know which type of oil to buy. Whatever the case may be, a local shop will provide a reliable, professional car repair in Minneapolis.

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