Are Your Tires Bald? Head in for Auto Tire Repair in Bellbrook OH

Driving on worn-out tires isn’t just a bad idea, it’s very unsafe for those who frequently drive in wet and slippery conditions. According to the NHTSA, almost 27% of crashes involved cars with insufficient tire tread. To protect everyone, it’s crucial to understand the role tire treads play and when it’s time for Auto Tire Repair in Bellbrook OH.

What Does Tire Tread Do?

Tire tread gives the traction needed to grip the surface of the road in snow, ice, rain, or mud. Without it, a vehicle would be uncontrollable. Treads are channels in a tire’s surface that channel water away on wet roads, and they play an important role in steering as well.

Why It’s Dangerous to Drive on Bald Tires

Bald tires cause accidents for a range of reasons, such as those listed below.

  • Increased hydroplaning risk: Hydroplaning happens when water gets between the road surface and the tire. As tread wears down, the grooves get shallower, making them lose their ability to channel water away from the tire. The balder a tire is, the more likely it is to cause hydroplaning.
  • Heat buildup: Driving causes friction between the road surface and the tires, and as everyone knows, friction brings heat. The faster a car goes, the more heat the tires must withstand, which is another good reason to ensure proper tread depth.
  • A sudden blowout: Thick tread reduces the chances of a blowout. While it can’t prevent every puncture, it reduces the risk of a high-speed blowout and the resulting loss of control.

Diagnosing a Bad Tire

Thankfully, it’s simple to tell when a tire’s tread is wearing down. It’s important to inspect tires at least once per month, looking for:

  • Low tread depth
  • Visible wear bars

Bald tires are not the only sign to look for, as sidewall cracks also pose a risk. Although a tire’s sidewalls don’t wear down like tread does, they do dry out as time goes by. Small cracks are common on older tires, but large cracks bring the need for Auto Tire Repair in Bellbrook OH. Visit Complete Auto Repair Center for tire repair, replacement, and auto service.

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