Circumstances Reviewed By A Workplace Injury Lawyers In Charles County, MD

In Maryland, employers must follow all federal and state laws to keep their workers safe. A failure to maintain safe work conditions can lead to personal injuries. These personal injuries must be managed through a worker’s compensation claim. However, in some instances, these claims are denied by the insurer. The following are circumstances that are reviewed by a workplace injury lawyers in Charles County MD.

Terms that Prevent Access to Benefits

Worker’s compensation insurance policies have terms that could disqualify workers based on their actions. For example, if the worker became injured on the job, they are subject to a drug and alcohol assessment. If they fail, they are disqualified for benefits immediately as they placed themselves at risk of sustaining an injury.

How the Accident Happened

The events that led to the accident define whether or not the injury is covered. The employee must follow all protocol as defined by their employer. If the worker didn’t follow company policies appropriately, they could face a denial. These clauses are often listed in the terms of the policy and could prevent access to benefits. They could also apply to

Reviewing the Claim and Deadline Requirements

The worker’s attorney can review the claim and ensure that all deadlines were met. These deadlines could present issues for workers if the claim isn’t managed properly. The attorney can determine if the deadlines were an issue when the claim was processed. If they were, the attorney could submit a new claim to help the worker acquire benefits.

Filing a Lawsuit

The worker can also take the claim to court. This enables them to seek damages from the employer and the insurance provider. If the injury produced a permanent disability, it is possible for the worker to acquire lifetime earnings if they win their case.

In Maryland, employers adhere to federal and state laws when processing worker’s compensation claims. They must comply with these regulations and provide access to benefits based on qualifying injuries. These benefits cover the expense of medical treatment and provide monetary benefits to severely injured workers. Employees who need help with an injury claim contact workplace injury lawyers in Charles County MD directly or check out for more information today.

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