Reviewing Auto Requirements With A Car Insurance Company In Monroe County, MI

In Michigan, all auto drivers must follow traffic laws to avoid penalties and convictions. These laws include legislature about auto insurance mandates and the need for proof of coverage. All drivers must provide proof whenever they are stopped by law enforcement and when they are registering a vehicle. The following is a review of auto requirements with a Car Insurance Company in Monroe County MI.

What are the Minimums?

Currently, the state minimums are $20,000 for the first death in an auto accident with a maximum of $40,000 for the total accident. $10,000 worth of coverage is needed for property damage. All drivers must also have personal injury protection for their own injuries and medical expenses.

What are the Penalties for No Coverage?

The current penalties and fines for no insurance coverage in Michigan is a fine between $200 and $500. The driver could also spend up to a maximum of one year in jail. Their license is suspended until they can provide clear proof of insurance coverage. However, if they can provide proof of coverage before their court date, they can avoid these fines.

How do Insurance Claims Work?

All drivers must have personal injury protection to acquire coverage for their injuries. However, if they sustain serious injuries, they can file through the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. This pertains to serious injuries including broken bones, disfigurement, and long-term disabilities. All other injuries are managed through their own coverage.

Reviewing Other Strategies for Claims

If the driver who caused the accident broke major traffic laws, it is also possible for them to face criminal penalties. When this is the case, it is possible for the victims of the accidents to seek further compensation if their coverage doesn’t pay their medical costs fully. A lawsuit is also possible if a victim dies as a result of the accident.

In Michigan, all auto drivers must purchase at least liability auto coverage for their vehicle. State laws also require personal injury protection to lower the potential for a lawsuit. Drivers who want to acquire more answers about insurance contact a Car Insurance Company in Monroe County MI or find more information here.

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