Choosing an Eco-friendly Mower – Should you Opt for an Electric or Reel Mower?

If you’ve decided to bin the noisy, gas-powered motor which was polluting your neighborhood, you deserve a pat on the back! But now that it’s time to replace your mower, which type of machine should you go for? Rather than mowing your own lawn, it might be easier to appoint a Lawn Service Virginia Beach to do the work for you, but in case you’re feeling energetic and want to tackle the mowing yourself, follow this quick guide to the more eco-friendly options available on the market today.

Electric Mowers – The Pros and Cons

Did you know that electric mowers emit 90 percent less pollution than gas mowers, despite still requiring electricity to function! If you have tall grass or a lot of weeds, an electric mower will handle ‘difficult’ lawns better than a reel mower, being more versatile overall. Battery powered electric mowers aren’t ideal for larger lawns however, as batteries can run out quickly leading to a frustrating afternoon. If you have a corded mower, the length of the cord can limit you to certain distances from the house – whilst this is not a problem with smaller yards, larger lawns can be a challenge. Ultimately, you’re still using power to run your mower, so electric lawn mowers are still not the greenest option!

Reel Mowers – A Good or Bad Choice?

Reel mowers are a great way to get some exercise whilst ensuring your lawn will look the healthiest it has ever looked! If you’re keen to do the work yourself, rather than hiring a Lawn Service Virginia Beach, you can’t go wrong with a reel mower – in fact, golf courses and baseball fields across the country use these mowers to get that really green look for their grass. The reason that reel mowers make your lawn look so good is all down to the way in which they cut grass; unlike electric and gas mowers, which tear blades of grass, reel mowers cut the blades cleanly, allowing the grass to grow back in a healthier state than before it was trimmed. Whilst you might remember the hard work involved in pushing a heavy traditional lawn mower around the yard as a child, newer models are lightweight and easy to maneuver.

However, as with anything, there are some cons to consider before opting for a reel mower. If you don’t mow your lawn frequently, these mowers are not the ideal choice for you! Grass can grow up to 5 inches in a week during warm weather in the spring or summer, and when grass reaches that length, the blades of the reel mower will push the grass over rather than cutting it. Of course, you can mow in different directions to compensate for this, but if your grass mowing schedule allows for a once a week Sunday afternoon session, an electric mower might suit your needs better!

Whether you decide to purchase a mower and care for your lawn yourself, or hire a Lawn Service Virginia Beach, you can do your bit for the environment by ensuring you don’t use a gas mower. These little steps all add up to contribute towards the future health of our planet.

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