Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing

Most homeowners know very little about roofing and they usually don’t think about whether or not their roofing should be maintained or replaced. Although most types of modern roofing is meant to last a long time, it is inevitable that your roofing will eventually need to be cared for. In order to recognize when your roofing needs to be serviced, it is important that you become more familiar with roofing in general. Here are some frequently asked questions that homeowners ask about Rochester New York roofing.

If a roof starts leaking, does that always mean that it must be completely replaced? Luckily, if your roof is leaking it doesn’t necessarily mean that your entire roof must be replaced. Leaking is usually due to missing or damaged shingles or from loose flashing. In some cases these problems may be limited to only certain sections of your roof. However, if your entire roof is old and in poor repair then it may be more cost-efficient to replace the entire thing instead of continually repairing different sections.

How do you prepare to have brand new Rochester New York roofing installed? Before your new roofing is installed, take the time to remove any loose or unstable artwork or shelving from the walls in your home. When your new roofing is installed there will be a lot of nail pounding that could knock things off of your walls and cause damage. You should also try to keep your driveway and the area immediately around your house clear because debris will fall off of the roof into your driveway area and could damage any items that are left out.

How long does it typically take to have a roof replaced? This depends on the size of your home and your roof. If you have a small home then it will be much quicker to install Rochester New York roofing. The roofing project will also be affected by the weather and by the overall shape of your roof. To get a better time estimate for your home, ask your roofers to inspect the roof and give you an idea of how long it will take to complete your roofing project.

How long does a typical roof last? A quality roof should last for many years, but its lifespan will depend on the weather in your area as well as the type of roofing that you have installed. Talk to your roofing contractor to find out more about the most durable types of roofing for your area.