Different Types Of Dentures

No one looks forward to having to wear dentures. This is usually a sign of aging, and one that many people do not look forward too. Either however, if you have lost some teeth-from heredity, diet, poor dental hygiene or age-then it might be time to consider getting dentures in Bismarck. When picking out which type of denture is the best for you there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind; are you looking to get something that is permanent or something that can be taken in and out? Are you looking to cover up just a couple of gaps in your teeth or do you need to replace the majority of the teeth in your mouth? These questions will help you to choose which type of denture is the best for you. Here are some of the dentures in Bismarck that you can choose.

Standard Dentures
If you have already lost all of your teeth then standard dentures in Bismarck are the obvious choice for you. It starts out with a fitting process where the impressions are made of both your upper and lower gums in order to make a denture plate that fits to them. There will be a couple of follow up appointments to make sure that the plates are fitting on properly and to adjust them that are needed in order to make them fit and feel comfortable. There is also the option to get a removable type of denture if you are only missing only a few teeth instead of missing all of them. They are made with holes so that your natural teeth are able to push through and it is designed so that your natural teeth are able to provide the support for the denture to stay in place.

Temporary Dentures
This type of denture in Bismarck is made before the natural teeth have been taken out. The loose and decaying teeth are removed and then this partial denture is placed over the open gums. Often a wire is used to connect the denture to the teeth around it in order to provide additional support. There are many times when this type of denture will become permanent.

Implant Retained Dentures
These dentures in Bismarck include placing a titanium screw into the gum that has already had a hole drilled in to it. The screw will bond to the underlying bone, which will take a couple of months, and then a post will then be attached to the implant. Following that, a porcelain tooth will then be put into place over the post. This option is good for people who are having difficulty wearing dentures on the bottom. They are also the most durable denture type and stay in place the best, but they are the most expensive option.

To learn more about dentures Bismarck and to find out which type is best for you, contact The Smile Center.