Car Windscreen Repair and Replacement Options

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Autos Repair

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The Ministry of Transport—MOT—test is an annual vehicle inspection that the vehicle must pass if it is to remain legally on the road. The MOT test was initially introduced in 1960 and was a basic test that included brakes, steering and lights. The MOT test, at that time, only related to cars that were ten years old and it was to determine that the cars were still roadworthy after their ten year period. In those days the test was referred to as the ‘ten year test’ but later became more popular as the MOT test, a la the Ministry of Transport.

As cars became more complex, the MOT test had to change along with technology. In 1968 the test was expanded to include a tyre check and in 1977 it included windscreen wipers and washers. Also that year the test included indicators, brake lights, exhaust condition, the horn, the chassis and the overall structure of the vehicle.

Owing to the pollution laws changing, 1991 saw the emissions test come into practice for petrol cars, as well as tests for anti-locking brakes, rear seat belts, rear wheel bearing and where appropriate rear wheel steering. In 1992, the tyre tread laws were stiffened too and the depth of tread had to include the whole rim of a ten pence piece, dots and all.

Nowadays, the test also extends to include windscreens. However, while the law is clear it also very fluid, allowing for a big margin of error. If a small enough crack is not larger than 10 mm and is not in the driver’s line of sight it is not deemed as a threat. If the crack is in the line of sight but still does not exceed 10mm it is still ok. However, if the crack or split is larger than 40mm and appears either directly or indirectly in the line of sight it will be an MOT failure.

Options for Repair

Depending on the type of chip or crack that your windscreen has, you can have the chip repaired, using a resin substance which can be done in a few minutes by a professional. For windscreens in Cheltenham you can call out a mobile auto glass company to help repair your windscreen.

If you are searching for an affordable & efficient company providing quality windscreen repair, Cheltenham residents would surely recommend you the name of UK Autoglaze for their round the clock service facilities. Visit them online!

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