Buying Wine Cabinets For Your Home- What to Know First

When it comes to storing your own personal wine collection, you typically have two options if you are concerned with proper storage. You can either build your own wine cellar in your home, or if you are looking for a less permanent option you can invest in a high quality wine cabinet. The right wine cabinet can be the perfect addition to any wine lover’s home and it can easily keep even large selections of wine stored carefully and in the right conditions. If you do not have the space or the means to construct a traditional wine cellar this is a stylish and effective solution to keep your wine stored. However, before investing in one of these cabinets, there are some basic features you will want to look for to make sure you are getting the right type of wine cabinets.

As you start to look for cabinets you will want to first consider what type of storage solution you are looking for. If you are investing in a new cabinet, you will want to consider an all in one storage solution that not only keeps wine bottles safe but regulates the temperature and humidity inside the cabinet as well. Just because you aren’t storing your wine in a traditional cellar it doesn’t mean that you should ignore temperature and humidity regulation. The right temperature and humidity levels are essential for proper wine storage and proper regulators should be part of any wine cabinet that you consider for your home.

You of course will want to also look for wine cabinets that are aesthetically pleasing and will match your current home decor. However, if you are looking to a wooden wine cabinet, you will want to pay careful attention to the finish used on the wood. If the cabinet is finished with an oil based stain or sealant, this can be harmful to your wine. There are many of these sealants that can cause gassing and destroy the quality of the wine, which is why you will instead want to turn to a cabinet that uses a water based stain. These stains are more eco-friendly and won’t damage your wine collection either.

There are other features that may be important to you that you will want to consider such as display windows, interior lighting and advanced QT controls. The right wine cabinet for you all depends on your individual needs, your collection of wine and your budget. You will always want to keep storage size in mind as well. The cabinet should not only be able to fit in your home but have enough space for your existing collection and more wine bottles, should your collection grow. If you keep these things in mind as you start shopping for your new wine cabinets, you are sure to come away with the perfect new storage solution for all of your wine bottles.

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