Understanding the Importance of Laughter Clubs

Laughter is something that comes easily to children, it seems like they will laugh at anything, however as people age, they seem to laugh less and less. There’s a large portion of the population who barely smile during the course of the average day. The lack of laughter in the lives of adults is disturbing. The more a person laughs throughout the day, the more Serotonin the body produces. Serotonin is a hormone that acts as a natural upper. People with a high level of Serotonin tend to have a better outlook, handle tense situations with more grace, and are a great deal less likely to suffer from bouts of depression.

The problem that many adults encounter is that in order to smile and laugh, they need to be stimulated. Without the prompting of a joke, they simply can’t make themselves smile. This is why attending laughter clubs can be good for a person’s health.

If you think that a laughter club is just a new name for a comedy club, you need to think again. Comedy clubs tend to focus on telling funny stories and jokes. The managers of these establishments want guests to be entertained. Laughter clubs have a different focus. Yes, they want you to have a good time while you are there, but the main focus will be the therapeutic benefits of losing yourself in laughter. After visiting one of these meetings a few times, you should notice a marked improvement in your mental state.

Not all laughter clubs are exactly alike. Some gym’s and yoga studios have set about creating formal versions, but most tend to be a group of people who simply get together and focus on laughing as long and hard as they can. The methods of getting the group to laugh can vary. Some people tell jokes, other groups bring in a comedian or keynote speaker, other’s just tell humorous stories. Once the group gets organized, they should seek out some training videos and corresponding literature which will help them run their club.

Members of these clubs find that they experience many startling changes in their life after they have attended a few meetings. Not only do they find that they have an easier time giggling at the ridiculous things that occur every single day, but they also notice a marked improvement in their self-confidence. Most importantly, members of the club notice that their overall health starts to gradually improve as they continue to chuckle with increasing frequency.

The great thing about laughter is that it tends to be contagious. Once a single person starts to laugh, it doesn’t take very long before other’s follow suit and the entire room is lost in gales of laughter.

Join Doug’s laughter club. Doug Dvorak is a gifted speaker who has an uncanny knack when it comes to blending a wonderful sense of humor with motivational tidbits and advice.

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