Benefits of Aluminum Extrusions Stock

When it comes to designing and manufacturing a winning product, the material you use is one of the most important factors. Aluminum remains an in-demand material, as it offers a wide variety of benefits in various industries. Whether you operate in general machining, paper converting or the hydraulic and pneumatic industries, the right provider of aluminum extrusions stock will help you to achieve your manufacturing goals and take more business in the end.

Aluminum is a top choice in industries such as sporting equipment, where the goal is to generate products that are stronger, lighter and faster. The aerospace industry relies on cost-competitive aluminum in airplane design as well. Machinery builders also prefer aluminum because the current trend is to decrease both weight and cost, and this is possible with aluminum. In addition, aluminum is durable and features a high strength-to-weight ratio, thus helping builders to produce long-lasting machines. Aluminum is further known for its electrical conductivity benefits, is resistant to corrosion and is easy to use to fabricate items.

Precision Sawing
A qualified company with aluminum extrusions stock uses a wide range of extrusion saws to meet your needs. The best saws have the ability to cut aluminum from about .063 inches thick to 8 inches thick. In addition, top-rated saws can cut and process the metal to a tolerance of +/-.005 on both width and length, which is considered the tightest in this industry.

What to Look for in a Company
When searching for an aluminum service center, search for one with high standards for precision sawing and one that can cut even large orders—orders for 400 to 4,000 pieces of aluminum, for example—to a tight tolerance. It is also wise to choose a company that sells aluminum only.

Working with aluminum can be challenging, as aluminum is soft and therefore easy to damage. However, a company that is highly skilled in working with this material can minimize any damage done to the metal. The company’s experts also understand the aluminum market and each alloy’s particulars, and they will strive to understand your end application so that you can be more competitive long-term.

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