Premier remodeling and Window Replacement in Connecticut

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Roofing

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Old windows can raise a homeowner’s heating and cooling bills up by one-third according to The Energy Information Administration (EIA). Replacing windows can add value and energy efficiency to any home. Window Replacement in Connecticut dedicates their time to helping homeowners find windows to compliment any home’s unique style. Helping to update a house while keeping the integrity of the homes original building design intact.

Dwellings built in the 1970’s or later usually have wooden or aluminum framed windows that were the latest in design and technology of their era. Outdated windows make properties look older, or not well maintained. Newer designs and standards are being developed to benefit homeowners in keeping the overall look and efficiency of a home appealing to the eye and wallet. Wooden single-paned windows over time fall prey to the extremes in weather conditions; rotting, and warping. Termites can also infest and damage wooden windows. Vinyl windows of the past are prone to peel with prolonged exposure to harsh elements like continuous sunlight and cold winter temperatures. Damages to these windows are unnoticeable before a window ultimately fails.

Replacing the windows in a residence with new double-paned windows can help reduce a home’s heating and cooling costs. A residence with newly updated windows lose less heat in the summer and stay cooler during summer months. The added energy efficiency also adds resale value to a home. Houses with newer windows offering energy efficiency can recoup about 81% according to Remodeling Magazine in 2007. Making the purchase of replacement windows a “solid investment”. Choosing windows with an energy star rating qualifying with the government guidelines can also save homeowners by taking the cost as a deduction on their tax returns. Estimating savings of $126-$465 per year is all the more reason for homeowners to ditch their old windows.

By exploring, allow customers to see why they are the premier remodeling contractors in Central Connecticut. For homeowners looking to replace worn out windows, it benefits them to visit Website Url to discover ways to give a home an aesthetic appeal. Homes can appear brighter inside and out, and new windows take years off a home’s overall age.

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