Automatic Vehicle Identification

As a business owner with a fleet of vehicles, you know that you when you send an employee out in a vehicle, you want them to get to and from their destination as quickly as they possibly can. Not only does getting to and from their destination quickly mean that they will be able to complete more tasks for you, but not having to drive around in search of things like the best place to get fuel, will also cut down on the amount of fuel you ultimately have to pay for. You’ll find that your entire fleets fuel consumption has decreased. Identifying the ideal locations for your employees to fuel up will be just one of the ways that your company benefits from an automatic vehicle identification system.

The other thing that the Automatic vehicle identification will help you do will be to identify signs of fraud. You will be able to determine that you employees are in fact putting in the claimed amount of fuel and paying the same amount that they tell you.

The nice thing about the automatic vehicle identification system will be that you can use the radio frequency to make sure that you improve the traffic flow in your parking facility. The radio signal means that the driver will no longer have to stop and request the gate be opened. Sensors in the gate will recognize the vehicle as one of your fleet, and will automatically open the gate.

AGS Transact Technologies automatic vehicle identification system delivers fuel more securely and fast and helps fleets to control fuel consumption more effectively and eliminates fraud.

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