Reasons Why You Need a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

by | Oct 10, 2012 | Finance & Insurance

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For seniors on Medicare, a Medicare supplement insurance plan can help pay for medical expenses that are not covered with a regular Medicare health insurance policy You don’t want to wait until you have an unexpected illness to discover that there is a large portion of your medical bill that is not covered by Medicare. An insurance professional who specializes in Medicare supplemental insurance can help you price and compare plans to find the best coverage plan available.

Here are some key reasons you may need to buy a Medicare supplement insurance plan:

  • Insurance Deductibles: Part A and Part B deductibles of a regular Medicare plan can become expensive should you have an unexpected illness. If you buy a supplemental Medicare plan, it can keep these costs from setting you back financially.
  • Insurance Co-pays: Medicare has co-pays you must pay whenever you visit the doctor for medical services. Medicare supplemental insurance reduces your out-of-pocket expenses by helping you with co-pay amounts.
  • Long-term Illness: Life is uncertain and you never know when an unexpected long-term illness can strike and change your plans for the future. Long-term care such as nursing home care or hospice care in not covered under a regular Medicare policy. You need supplemental insurance to help you with these expenses.
  • Vision Care: It is very common for a person’s vision to grow worse as they change. Most people will need vision screenings and glasses or contact lenses as they grow older. Vision care is not covered by regular Medicare.
  • Dental Care: Everyone needs proper dental care. There is no dental coverage with regular Medicare. The costs of dental examinations, dental cleanings, fillings, crowns and other dental procedures can quickly add up. You need supplemental insurance to pay for dental care.
  • Hearing Care: Many seniors experience hearing problems and need regular hearing checkups along with hearing aid devices. You need supplement insurance to pay for hearing care as it is not covered by Medicare.
  • Foreign Travel Emergency Care: Everyone dreams of being able to retire and travel to exotic places. Foreign medical care is not covered by Medicare. You will need to buy supplemental insurance to have coverage for foreign travel emergency care.
  • Your Choice of Health Care Providers: Some supplemental Medicare insurance plans allow you to choose your own doctor or health care provider. You may want to check into a supplemental policy if choosing your own health care provider is important to you.

These are only a few of the many reasons you may want to check into buying a Medicare supplement insurance plan. You hope you will not have an unexpected illness that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars; but if you do, you want to make sure you can get the health care you need. If you need help in deciding which Medicare supplement plan is right for you, contact a trained insurance professional who specializes in Medicare supplemental insurance.

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