A Brief Look At Dental Implants in Leesburg

People can lose teeth due to accidents or aging. Losing a tooth can be a devastating event, but the problem can be solved with dental implants in Leesburg. Dental implants are made to replace the missing or damaged root of a tooth. Once the new root is in place, a replacement tooth is connected to the implant. They can be used on a single tooth, or they can replace the roots of many teeth in a row. Some people choose to get implants instead of dentures. Dental implants can allow a person to speak and eat normally after losing many of their teeth.

Other options to fix a missing tooth besides a dental implant include crowns and bridges. Dental implants in Leesburg, however, are a good option when more than one tooth is missing. Crowns can be directly attached to a dental implant. Since the implant itself is the new root of the tooth, the attached artificial replacement tooth is directly connected to a person’s gumline. This means that the connection between the implant and the tooth is strong, making it less prone to problems and ensuring the tooth stays in place.

There are some advantages to getting dental implants instead of dentures. For one, implants do not need to be removed for cleaning like dentures. In fact, they are permanently fixed in place. The choice between dentures and implants is made on an individual basis by most dentists, as every person’s situation is different. Many people, however, can benefit from dental implants, and the use of implants is rising. Over time, a dental implant can feel like a real tooth. The replacement teeth that are attached to implants can blend in naturally with the rest of a person’s teeth.

Dental implants are typically made out of titanium. The post of the implant is connected directly to a person’s jawbone. Even though the post is bonded to bone, there are usually low levels of discomfort involved with placement procedures. The area where the implant will be placed is usually given a shot of anesthesia, and most people do not need to be sedated during the process. If someone wishes, however, many dentists will allow a person to be given nitrous oxide for the completion of the procedure.

Cascades Center can save a person’s smile. With new teeth in place, a person can feel several years younger. When a tooth is missing, it can be difficult to eat and speak. These issues can be addressed by asking a dentist about dental implants in Leesburg.

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