Swimming Pool Installers in Long Island NY Allow People to Conveniently Swim a Mile at Home

Many people love to swim but find going to a public pool or a pool at a fitness center to be inconvenient. They might be considering hiring Swimming Pool Installers in Long Island NY so they can have this feature in their backyard and swim whenever they feel like it. This can be an especially effective way for this person and the entire family to get more physically fit by including this fun activity in their regular exercise routines.

A Mile a Day

A common recommendation for boosting and maintaining fitness is to walk a mile a day. Other exercises can be swapped with walking or added to the regular walking routine. Jogging, biking and swimming for a mile a day are excellent ways for people to enhance their cardiovascular health and improve strength and flexibility.

The Equation

To figure out how many laps are required for a mile, the equation is to divide the number of feet in a mile by the feet in the length of the pool to be installed. This number is divided by two because a lap means swimming across the length back and forth, or two times.

If the pool is to be 30 ft. long, for example, the equation equals 5,280 ft. divided by 30, and that number divided by 2. That means 88 laps for a mile.

Approaching the Goal

A mile may seem like a lot of swimming, but the goal can be approached gradually. After swimming pool installers in Long Island NY complete the project and the pool is ready to use, the person with the mile-swimming goal might begin by seeing how many laps he or she can comfortably swim now. For every day of swimming, the number can be increased.


In New York, an outdoor pool installed by a company like Sky Blue Pools obviously cannot be used all year round. There also will be days during swimming season when the weather is uncooperative. Nevertheless, swimming for a mile, or even half a mile, on the days when it’s possible can make significant improvements in a person’s fitness level. Get a free quote by starting at the website.

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