Can You Make Your Own Office Cleaning Services Checklist?

When you hire office cleaning services, it can feel like they dictate a lot of the terms, but that means you are not getting the kind of quality services you deserve. Instead, it should be the reverse and the service you hire should extend the option for customizing everything from the tasks done to the days of the week or month on which they appear and provide service.

With that in mind, many business owners want to know if it is viable or realistic to design or make their own checklist of office cleaning services to present to potential providers before hiring them. The answer to that is yes, but with some caveats. Rather than choosing your provider based on whether or not they agree to your list, it is best to hire a team that extends flexible and customizable services, but which also places a premium on expertise, quality customer service and top tier cleaning.

The Items to Include

What you might be surprised to find, though, is that the better office cleaning services are a few steps ahead of you in your checklist. As a simple example, you might say that you want cleaning every other day and that once each week you want the insides of all of the office windows cleaned. Your provider might include that in their list of services, and also include wiping down all of the windowsills and framing to eliminate any sort of dusty buildup. They may also vacuum the blinds or window dressings as part of the care.

If you are concerned about the list of items tackled in the regular cleanings, a basic (but thorough) list should include:

  • Dealing with all waste receptacles (including replacing liners or washing cans and lids)
  • Cleaning floors
  • Dusting all horizontal surfaces and damp wiping with a disinfectant
  • Cleaning away cobwebs, fingerprints, stains on switches and door frames, and wiping down doors, handles and cabinets
  • Cleaning kitchens, baths and break rooms with the same attention and restocking paper products, soaps, and so on
  • Cleaning any garbage, cans and other debris in all parts of the building

That is the basic “to do” list, and EMD Cleaning Services offers clients throughout the Minneapolis area such customized services. With a long list of options and flexible hours, they are a recommended provider of office cleaning services, commercial cleaning and janitorial work. You can contact them online or by phoning 612-202-3696. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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