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For consumer products, first impressions are probably the only impressions that some products will make on a consumer. When similar consumer products are competing for attention on a shelve, judging a book by its cover is one of the most common means of elimination by consumers. Therefore manufacturers are encouraged to invest in various Custom Marketing Products that will help their merchandise make a great first impression.

Packaging is everything in making a good first impression, the shape of the package, the decorative aspects of the package and any additional catchy features all work together in attracting the attention of the consumer. The packaging materials used as Custom Marketing Products NJ are referred to as media kits. These media kits focus on presentation of the products in order to create consumer awareness and loyalty.

Custom Marketing Products NJ are also available in eco friendly varieties. These products are made from recycled or recyclable materials. The environmental conservation movement is greatly concerned about packaging products used by manufacturers as they are the main pollutants in the environment.

Some of the Custom Marketing Products used as media kits include:

  • Pocket folders are used for presentation materials. Pocket folders come in variety of designs and manufacture materials. Pocket folders can be custom designed and decorated consumer products.
  • Corrugate boxes and tote boxes are among common packaging items and some of the very flexible Custom Marketing Products NJ. Corrugate boxes and tote boxes are used for packaging so many different types of items. They are easily custom designed into various shapes. The print and decorative design is also quite flexible. These types of Custom Marketing Products are also great because they are easily recyclable.
  • CD/DVD sleeves used for marketing these products also come in a variety of custom design. These  sleeves are made of materials such as clear vinyl pockets, Aluminium CD/DVD case, Leather CD/DVD cases, Plastic HUBS (dots) with an adhesive backing for easy application and Plastic clam shell CD/DVD packaging. They decorative design depends on the clients specifications.
  • There are so many varieties of expansion wallets in the market today. Therefore to get the best custom designed expansion wallets, you need to deal with the experts in custom marketing product designs. These wallets come in a variety of sizes and designs to ensure that documents are properly organised and presentable.
  • Custom binders can either be aluminium, Acrylic Binders, Clear overlay vinyl Binders, Polypropylene Binders (clear plastic) and leather binders. These different varieties of custom binders are designed to meet a variety of consumer tastes from corporate executive binders to colourful vinyl binders. There are also various eco-friendly vinyl binders. Binders can be decorated and designed into very effective Custom Marketing Products.

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