Your Teeth, Your Health, and Your General Dentist in Anaheim Hills

Your general dentist in Anaheim Hills will tell you that most of us want to flash pearly whites when we smile. A smile gives a large psychological boost and has great meaning as a communication tool, and we want ours to be the best possible. However, for some of us, the smile communicates that we are not in good health.

The condition of our mouths is affected by the care we put into them, yes, but it is also affected by other things going on in our bodies, things over which we might have little control. Certain chronic conditions have an effect on our oral health. With diabetes, for example, high blood sugar promotes growth of bacteria and increases the chance of gum disease. Conditions which cause dry mouth—allergies, for example, which can make people breathe with their mouths open because of nasal congestion—can also lead to gum disease because gums need to be moist to stay healthy. Soreness, redness, and bleeding are warning signs of gum disease.

Even temporary conditions can affect our teeth and gums. The hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy can have an impact on how women respond to disease, so it is important to have professional care during pregnancy. Infections such as ear infections can also move into the jaw and eventually affect the gums; such infections can be very hard to eradicate.

On the flipside, your general dentist Anaheim Hills will tell you that your oral health can also affect your overall health. A causal link between gum disease and arthritis has been proposed; the mechanisms of tissue damage are similar between the two. Also, it has been shown that people with periodontal disease face almost twice the risk of heart disease as people without it. It could be that oral bacteria enter the bloodstream and attach to plaques in the arteries, or that inflammation caused by periodontal disease promotes the buildup of arterial plaques (arterial plaques are different from dental plaque, though the similar terms might cause confusion).

While the links between gum disease and other diseases and conditions of the body are not clear-cut, the associations that have been made underline the need to care well for your mouth. Daily brushing and flossing are imperative for promoting good oral health, and regular check-ups with your general dentist in Anaheim Hills can identify early onset of gum disease.

When periodontist has set in, it can be hard to manage. Plaque will need to be removed from below the gum line. In more serious cases, oral surgery may be required to eliminate pockets of infection. Good aftercare by your general dentist in Anaheim Hills can aid in monitoring periodontal disease for better oral health and better overall health as well.

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