Logo is the face of your business. A carefully thought of dental logo design can communicate your message effectively otherwise it just becomes a drawing on a paper. Give proper consideration to your vision, your ideals and your branding messaging when planning for a logo for your services. Below are some helpful tips to guide you through the dental logo design process:

Dental Logo Design – Make Vs Buy

Unless you are an expert graphical designer and can present your ideas effectively on a piece of paper, go for a professional. A qualified company will not only visualize your ideas and messages but will also present some of their own concepts for you to look at. Do your research on various companies’ online, shop around and interview for the best quotes and sold feedbacks. Your logo design company should be able to translate your message to a logo with the same take away.

Dental logo design ideas

Research online to get an idea on what dental logos exist today and what stories do they tell. Make a shortlist of the logos that are catchy and were able to get your attention. Keep in mind the following:

Showing tooth is not the only option. This is probably the most common logo amongst the dental practices. Try out something new. You are offering a service and let your logo reflect that.

* Wordmarks – Logo with text only features.

* Letterform Marks – This kind of design uses one or more letterforms to create a symbol

* Marks – This is a pictorial representation of your business or product

* Abstract Marks/ Symbols – These designs are visual representation of the concept that is close to your brand message

* Emblems – They are a complex mix of pictorial representation and test messages

Dental Logo design attributes

Whatever forms you may choose for your logo, it must have the following attributes for an effective messaging:

* Easy to recognize – a complex form can easily fail to register

* Memorable – Take the example of Microsoft or Apple or Shell, no matter where you see their logos, they are easy to remember.

* Clarity – logos can get smaller when printed on the business cards, a complex design can complicate the smaller size of logos

* Illustrative – You can go for illustrative designs either concrete or abstract if it fits your requirement

* Neutral across cultures – your logo design should have a neutral connotation across various cultures and genders