Your First Jiu-Jitsu Class

The world of self-defense holds a wealth of benefits. Participants not only go to classes and get a great workout, but they also learn the skills needed to defend themselves. Perhaps your interest in self-defense has grown to the point where you’ve decided to take a Gracie jiu-jitsu class, but you have no idea what to expect on your first visit. The first class can be intimidating and nerve-wracking, but fear not. Take a look at the expectations listed below and prepare yourself for your first self-defense class.

  1. Communication should be a huge factor in all of your self-defense classes. Your coach should clearly explain what the goals of the classes are what each move is, and what each move does. If your Gracie jiu-jitsu class is street based, like the classes offered at Modern Era Warriors, your instructor should be doubly sure to explain each move to you. Combat Submission Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu begins on focusing on self-defense techniques for real-life situations, rather than a sports setting.

  2. You should also feel a sense of trust with your coach and classmates right away. After all, you will be grappling with these people regularly, and you should all be on the same level of understanding. You should also feel comfortable with your coach and the level of care and knowledge they put into their teaching.

  3. You’re not going to be a black belt jiu-jitsu practitioner right away, so prepare for repetition. Your coach will make you enact moves slowly until you have an understanding of it, and then you’ll be practicing the move over and over until it becomes part of you. Even then, it will still take plenty of practice to master the move.

Practicing Gracie jiu-jitsu should be a fun, challenging experience for you. The first class can be intimidating; but, keep these points in mind as you approach a new fitness technique, and a new you.

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