3 Reasons You Need Professional Teeth Whitening

If you perform the tissue test and find that your teeth are not as bright as you thought, whitening is the solution. You could try to manage the process alone, but whitening under the care of a dental professional is the best way to go. Here are three basic reasons why you should call your dentist today.

Controlling the Whitening Process

The goal is to whiten your teeth and restore a natural look. The best dentists in Cary, IL assess their patient’s teeth and know what it will take to achieve the desired appearance. They know the best process, the timing of treatments, and how to evaluate the results responsibly. Thanks to their diligence and expertise, the patient doesn’t have to worry about teeth that end up being a little too white.

Protecting the Gums

Have you ever wondered how the gums are affected by whitening treatments? There is a greater risk of damage if you use over the counter products. By contrast, the best dentists in Cary, IL utilize what is known as a buffer gel before starting the treatment. As the name implies, the gel ensures the gum tissue is kept safe throughout the treatments. There are no side effects from the gel, other than leaving the dental office with gums that are as healthy as when you walked into the waiting room.

Faster Results

Methods used by the best dentists in Cary, IL make it possible to whiten the teeth more rapidly. That’s important if you have a special event coming in in the next month or so. Depending on the hue of your teeth, you may notice a difference after the first couple of treatments. Attempting to whiten the teeth without the help of a dental professional may eventually work, but it will take more time and may not yield the same level of results.

The bottom line is that professional teeth whitening is the only real choice. Contact Cary Dental Associates today and schedule your first appointment. You’ll be surprised at how much better your teeth look once the series of treatments are finished.

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