Why You Should Hire Experienced DUI Lawyers in Port Orchard, WA

DUI refers to Driving Under Influence. The threshold for legal intoxication is when the blood test, urine test or breath test registers a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or above. DUI is considered a very serious offense. If you are charged with a DUI, you risk losing your driver’s license, being jailed or fined huge penalties. In some cases, you may also end up with a criminal record, and this could have serious implications for your employment opportunities. If you are arrested for DUI, it is imperative you hire the services of experienced DUI Lawyers in Port Orchard WA.

A competent DUI attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. Your lawyer has handled many similar cases before successfully. They are aware of all the tricks and tactics which can be used to convince the judge in your favor. In addition, they have also developed strong working relationships with the judicial system representatives. They can, therefore, help you retain your driver’s license and assist you in getting your drunken driving charges either reduced or dismissed.

If you hire an experienced DUI lawyer from the law office of Bennett Moran and Gianneschi Attorneys, they can help you understand the consequences and implications your of drunken driving charges. A qualified DUI lawyer can provide professional services to help you navigate your way out of the drunken driving charges.

In some cases, the Department of Motor Vehicles may ask the police to take your Driver’s License after you are arrested. This is known as administrative license revocation. To get your driver’s license back, you need to obtain an SR22 form from your insurance company and submit it to the Department of Motor Vehicles. By hiring a qualified DUI attorney, you can make sure that this is done within the shortest time possible.

These are just some of the major reasons why it is important hire experienced DUI Lawyers in Port Orchard WA. If your financial circumstances make it difficult to hire a private lawyer, you can request a court appointed lawyer at your pre-trial hearing.

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