Why You Can’t Afford to Skip Using a Redundant Internet Service

If your business is like most others these days, the Internet is critical for your operations. From ordering and shipping to fulfilling projects, communicating with clients and filing data, this tool is critical for your operations. If it’s down, you are, too. This is where redundant Internet service is a must.

What is a Redundant Internet Service?

As the name implies a redundant Internet service is a secondary line that’s provided by a different supplier than a company’s main Internet connection. This line – or in the case of those who prefer extra security, additional lines – are designed to serve as a backup if anything goes wrong with the main provider. They can also be used to enhance speed and performance, providing companies a way to enjoy the Internet, only better.

Why Does Redundancy Matter?

A redundant Internet service is a must in any business that is dependent on the Internet or a secured, private WAN for getting business done. When redundancy is in place, companies gain the benefits of:

  • Nearly eliminated downtime While nothing comes with a 100-percent guarantee, redundant Internet systems tend to come pretty darn close. The way this works is when one line goes down, or has trouble, the secondary (or third) line is automatically switched on to take over operations. This means a company doesn’t have to cease operations just because connectivity is lost with one provider. This is huge for companies who see all work come to a screeching halt when the Internet goes down.
  • Enhanced speed If WAN management goes along with redundancy, the speed of the overall network can be enhanced by enabling the network to draw on different providers. This balances out use and just enhances overall performance, which in turn, can increase productivity.
  • Peace of mind The fact of the matter is businesses are pretty dependent on their Internet connection. It has to be fast, safe and secure. Redundancy along with management solutions can deliver this while providing those in charge of the bottom line peace of mind. There’s no reason to fret what will happen during the next big outage if redundancy is in place.

Having a redundant Internet service simply means taking the right steps to increase productivity while eliminating downtime. Any business that relies on connectivity can benefit.