Why You should Contact the Law Office of William D. McGillicuddy PC

by | May 27, 2013 | Lawyers

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If you live in the Orange County area of New York and you’re looking for an attorney to represent you in a certain legal matter, your best option is to contact the William D. McGillicuddy Law Office PC to see if they can help you with your dilemma. Even if this law firm doesn’t handle every aspect of civil or criminal law, you can still contact them and if they don’t handle your case, they can always refer you to the proper attorney to help you with whatever situation you find yourself in.

What you’ll find at the law offices of William D. McGillicuddy is that they’re primarily focused on Social Security disability benefits, Workers Compensation as well as personal-injury cases. If you have a situation that involves any of these three areas, this may be the right law office to speak with.

Workers compensation insurance is an excellent program to help employees who have been injured on the job through a work-related accident get the necessary compensation needed to pay their medical bills and recoup lost wages. Unfortunately, getting these benefits can sometimes be very difficult. In many situations, it may take the services of a Workers Compensation Lawyer to either have your benefits approved or reinstated.

The same is true of Social Security benefits. Social Security benefits have always been notoriously difficult for people to get, especially if they are under the age where Social Security benefits are typically given out. However, for a long-term injury or a long-term physical or emotional condition, Social Security benefits may be warranted. That doesn’t always mean, however, they will be approved. In these situations, an attorney that understands the Social Security benefit system may be better suited to get you the benefits that you deserve.

When you’re dealing with workers compensation, Social Security or you have been injured due to the negligence of somebody else, you will want to speak with a lawyer. The lawyers at the Law offices of William D. McGillicuddy have experience in dealing with these specific legal matters, and you will typically be able to receive a resolution to your problem that is beneficial to you, your physical health as well as your financial well-being.

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