Getting the Best Office Lease in Newnan GA

Locating the best office space is only one of the first steps for a new business. Negotiating the best deal is of importance. After all, it is imperative to keep overhead costs as low as possible. One of the best ways to ensure some haggling is to have several locations in mind that meet the needs of a company. This gives extra leverage, because the realtor knows that their property is not the only game in town.

Although low monthly rent is an important factor, it is only one part of the equation that should be used to determine maximum value from a potential lease. Everyone with a stake in the business and decision-making capability should discuss what matters most in a space for the company. The terms of the office lease are an attractive alternative.

Perhaps the landlord could offer cheap rent at the start of the lease for a new and growing company, but adjust it to a much higher rate later in the contract term. Maybe the company values a space that just happens to be the nicest at the location. It is worth paying a little bit more per square-foot in the end. Low rent may translate into a less desirable office space.

For many client-facing companies, a nicer place to do business may translate into longer term and higher value relationships. Perception goes a long way in the business world. Higher class locations act as a magnet for higher class clients. An office lease in Newnan GA area has several such suitable locations.

Some landlords may offer free rent periodically in a contract in order to encourage longer relationships. This is really helpful in certain months of the business cycle and aids in cash flow cycles. For new businesses that just became funded, this allows more cash to become established, if the free rent is offered upfront or spread over the term of the lease.

Most commercial landlords are veterans of the game and know exactly the value that they are trying to achieve from their leases. It’s important for any business looking for space to be just as prepared. The company needs to know its unique needs and be prepared to walk instead of selling itself short. In many cases, a broker’s advice could be helpful in completing a beneficial transaction for the company.

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