Why You Need an Attorney for a Personal Injury in American Fork

When you are injured in a personal injury accident, it’s important to have an expert working on your side. The insurance companies are going to have lawyers working for them and you want to make sure your rights are protected. Here are some things you should know about the insurance companies that will make you see why you need an attorney who specializes in personal injury in American Fork.

What the Insurance Companies Do
In theory, an insurance company exists so they can protect its customers from the unexpected, including loss of property and assets or damages to your property. But the reality of the matter is that insurance companies are actually there to also make a profit. This means that they are accountable to their shareholders and they have to make decisions that will make a profit for them. As a result, you shouldn’t exclusively place your trust in the insurance company when you are involved in a personal injury in American Fork.

How Insurance Companies Handle a Dispute
Insurance companies have a team of professional attorneys ready to handle any disputes that come up. These attorneys can drown you in paperwork and jargon that will have you confused and overwhelmed. If you can’t resolve your case before it goes to trial, the insurance company utilizes even more aggressive attorneys to fight for their best interests. If you want a chance at winning your case, it’s essential to hire a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney to be on your side.

Negotiating a Settlement
There are many personal injury cases that can be settled before arrive in court. In fact, the majority of cases involving a personal injury in American Fork are settled before they get to this stage. Your qualified attorney should be able to negotiate a fair settlement for you before going through the difficulty of taking the case to court, which results in higher fees, an emotional toll and no guarantee that you will even win the case. And since a personal injury attorney knows what your case is worth, they know how much you can expect to receive in a settlement.

Delays in Paperwork
There may be certain times when the defendant’s insurance company will try to delay the process when you file a claim. That’s because you are under a strict deadline for filing certain paperwork for your claim. If you miss the filing deadline, your case could be dismissed before it gets very far. Your personal injury attorney, however, can make sure everything goes smoothly so everything gets filed on time.

If you’ve got a personal injury case to file against an insurance company, contact the professionals at Morley & Associates, P.C. We will fight aggressively for you to make sure you get treated right. Visit our website today at morleyutahlaw.com and find out how to schedule a consultation with one of our qualified attorneys.

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