What Maxillofacial Surgery In Effingham IL Is

Orthodontists have advertised for years that if the bite is not correct or if the teeth are not aligned properly, then the shape of the face and the look of the face is just not right. The jaw, the bite, and the teeth all impact the way the face looks. And of course the shape of the face has a lot to do with the way the jaw works. To put it more simply, these things are interrelated. So, it makes since that one specialist will have the ability to work on both parts of the system, both the jaw (maxilla) and the face. Together it is called maxillofacial surgery in Effingham IL. Surgeons who have this specialty can treat and operate on every part of the face and jaw.

For example, maxillofacial surgery in Effingham IL could include skin issues like mole removal, skin grafts, skin cancer treatment and reconstruction if chunks have to be removed to get rid of the cancer, skin lesion biopsy, tag removal, and so on. Chances are you might just go see a dermatologist for some of these skin conditions, but maxillofacial surgeons do a lot more. They can also help with nose and sinus issues like sinus lift procedures, straightening the septum of the nose, or doing any sort of nose surgery. They can also help with other parts of the face by repairing lacerations, and fixing fractured bones of the eye socket, jaw, cheek, or nose. They can also facilitate treatment of infections in any area of the face and jaw. They can even work on the eyelids and remove cysts or lesions from them although generally if you want more intensive treatment like an eyebrow lift or eyelid reduction you would see a plastic surgeon. Sometimes a doctor who performs maxillofacial surgery in Effingham IL also is a plastic surgeon so could do those as well.

And, of course, someone who does maxillofacial surgery in Effingham IL also does a lot of work on the jaw and chin. He can fix jaw deformities, do jaw reconstruction, remove jaw cysts. He can treat jaw abscesses under the teeth or around the gums. He can also fix jaw fractures and do chin implants.

If you think you may need to have Maxillofacial surgery in Effingham IL, you should do a thorough examination of the surgeons in your area and find one who has had experience with the sort of surgery you need. Just because maxillofacial surgery in Effingham IL covers all of these things does not mean that every surgeon is equally skilled in all of them. Finding someone who has the capability to do your particular type of surgery might take a bit of work, but is certainly possible.

Dr. Jay Swanson and The Center for Jaw and Facial Surgery offers oral surgery & maxillofacial surgery in Effingham IL.