Why You Can’t Afford Not To Use An Android Conference App

There is a reason you often hear grumbling from your colleagues on organizing a major event. It is a lot of work, a lot of planning and a lot of ability to make quick decisions, handle problems and make changes that keep the conference flowing smoothly. Now with the availability of an Android conference app and a mobile event app for iOS users you can eliminate a lot of the stress on the actual conference dates through the beauty of technology.

The biggest hurdle on opening day is how to get information to attendees and participants in and the most efficient manner. You could stand on a chair & grab a bull horn – but you are likely to confude and offend a few attendees! Announcements rarely work as many people are networking or outside of hearing range information is presented. Another big problem is getting immediate feedback to make last minute adjustments and create a truly amazing experience for all participants.

By using an Android conference app that attendees and speakers simply download, you literally have a direct and immediate way to provide and gather information. This can include helping you in all aspects of the conference or event, all through that well designed, informative Android conference app.

Get Attendees and Speakers to the Right Place

Don’t stress if room numbers change or speakers have to cancel; now you can easily let everyone know just where they need to be with the Android conference app. Administrators just tap a few buttons and everyone at the conference knows just where they have to be.

Update Changes

If you are changing locations for meetings, networking opportunities or announcing changes in the lunch menu or sponsorship for the reception you can easily update all conference attendees through the Android conference app. Push notifications will notify people to check for changes, making this a very effective option.

Get Feedback Immediately

The Android conference app can also include evaluation and feedback surveys that can be completed right through the app. This information can be instantly tabulated and provided to conference organizers to make those little changes to keep everyone happy.Using an Android app for conference call is not just a time saving option; it is a conference organizers best tool. Think about all the benefits this will provide and plan to use the app at your next event.

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