The Simple Process of Wood Flooring Refinishing

Wood flooring is one of the classiest types of flooring which can be installed in many apartments and homes in New York. The benefits of wood flooring can last for quite a while with proper care and maintenance, however at some point they will need to be refinished in order to maintain that classic look for which they are designed. Wood flooring refinishing in a Tribeca home or apartment is a relatively simple process and when working with professionals that have the experience and expertise necessary can be accomplished efficiently and affordably.

When wood flooring is put into a building it is able to inspire a timeless aesthetic with a sense of class that can last for years. Over time though the wood flooring may become scuffed or tarnished with the wear and tear that comes from people walking across it and furniture sitting atop it without proper protection. Once the wood flooring has lost the ability to improve the aesthetic of a room it is time to have it refinished so that it can once again return to its original condition. Accomplishing wood flooring refinishing in Tribeca is as simple as making a phone call.

The refinishing process is relatively

simple and can be completed in a very minimal amount of time. The first step in wood floor refinishing is to remove all of the furniture in the rooms which will be refinished. The employees who will be refinishing the floors will take care of all of the manual labor leaving you to relax and enjoy the finished product without having to get your hands dirty. They will then sand down the flooring in order to remove any tarnishes and scratches which may be affecting the outward appearance of the wood which was used in the installation.

The next step in the refinishing process is to lay down 3 coats of water base, non-toxic finish which will take a few hours to dry. This finish will restore the look that the wood flooring had when it was first put in place. This process can make floors that are decades old look brand new. To finish the process, after the stain has dried, all of the furniture will be returned to its original location and you will be able to enjoy the fresh new floor look that everyone loves so much.

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