Why Switzerland is the epicenter of the Hospitality Industry

Switzerland is world renowned for its Chocolate, with Luxury Brand Management and Private Banking. Apart from this Switzerland is also popular for its Hotel Management and hospitality sector.  

But what is behind Hospitality and Switzerland that has resulted in Switzerland housing so many Hotels and Luxury Brand Management Schools? 

Often considered the birthplace for hospitality because it began seriously catering to tourists in the 18th century; when tourism was in its nascent stage. After being featured in the first package holidays across Europe, created by Thomas Cook in 1858, Switzerland became a tourist hotspot. With the introduction of better transportation and travel roads, the number of hotels accessible increased considerably. By the end of the 19th century Switzerland’s first hotel schools began appearing. At that time, the curriculum was mostly based on theory with a less practical approach. The next surge in tourism during the 1960s due to increase in  air travel led to a rise in the number of  hospitality institutions, many of them still providing service and/or education to the masses. Today, hotel schools are abundant in Switzerland, with at least 25 institutions offering hotel management programs.  

Still, the abundant number of hotel and luxury brand management institutes and the aforementioned history doesn’t adequately explain why Switzerland is heralded as the epicenter of the hospitality industry. 

This question is adequately answered if we consider how present hospitality schools in Switzerland combine the contemporary and standard USA hospitality practices along with tried and tested, traditional Swiss Hospitality principles. Instead of the old curriculum that only focused on certain aspects of managing a business, the new courses equip the students with every skill necessary to run and manage a business as a whole.  

In conclusion, Swiss hospitality is as famed as it is because of the century old history backing it and because of the quality of education that universities worldwide have tried to achieve but have been unsuccessful at emulating. 
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