Expert Landscape Design in Frisco

Imagine walking out onto your back patio and sipping an iced lemonade while staring over a trickling pond and surrounded by luscious greenery. Your backyard can be transformed into your little slice of heaven.

Executing this vision can be a daunting task. Landscape design companies work to make your vision a reality.

Make Your Yard a Reflection of Your Style

Do you like a rustic or contemporary style? Are you leaning towards a simple or extravagant design plan? What trees and plants flourish and fill your empty land with beauty? Expert landscape design in Frisco works with local nurseries, carefully selecting the best vegetation that integrates best with the soil properties.

Will you need mulch and topsoil? Do you need a raised bed garden around your walkway? Designers select the perfect materials, colors, textures, and styles for your landscape plan.

Why Hire a Landscaper?

A great landscape design in Frisco will ensure your project has unity, balance, color, and harmony. Landscape designers factor in what colors to give your project dimension. For example, brighter warm colors will pull those objects to the forefront, making them feel closer to you. Cool colors such as deep blues and greens remain in the background.

When you made your landscape plan, did you use warm colors for the flora and the rocks that surround the shrubbery? Designers will give you expert advice on creating contrast and harmony as well as using repetition to create unity.

Sometimes you have no idea what to do, and that is okay too! Designers will create a plan for you, borrowing old ideas and suggesting new ones. They will mix and match designs, unleashing their creativity to create your perfect space.

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