Why Solar Eclipse Viewing Can Be Fun and Dangerous

August 2017 may feel like a long time away now, but it will quickly arrive and will you be prepared to witness a total solar eclipse of the sun? With your solar eclipse viewer in hand, what is the best way to view this extraordinary event?

You Will Need Solar Eclipse Glasses

You can feel the heat of the sun, as it burns you during a wonderful summer’s day, even though it sits 93 million miles away. When you think logically, if it can keep you warm and burn your skin in seconds, what damage can it do to your eyes if you stare directly into it?

A solar eclipse viewer will help protect your eyes from the UV radiation from the sun’s rays. For those who insist on using their own sunglasses, your eyes will not be protected. Sunglasses will not help your eyes as they allow even more light in, should you look directly into the sun. This will cause burning damage to your eyes, which may be temporary, but for many, the solar blindness can last for months and in some cases, years.

Save Your Eyesight with Just A Few Dollars

The purchase of solar eclipse viewer glasses for just a few dollars will help block 99.9% of the sun’s light. Although you may choose to stare directly at the sun through your solar eclipse viewer, the moon will only be in direct line and block out the sun for between one and three minutes.

It is important that your eclipse glasses meet all the required safety standards. By purchasing from professional dealers, you are buying safety and the ability to watch the full total eclipse. There will be moments before the eclipse where the sun will still be visible and as soon as the total eclipse is over, the sun will come back into your view. Therefore, it is important that your eyes are protected before and after the solar eclipse.

The use of your favorite gadgets, cameras, smart phones and binoculars, will concentrate the sun’s rays into your eye, potentially making the situation worse, if possible as you stare direct at the sun, which you wouldn’t choose to do. Should you decide to use any of this equipment you will need a professional solar filter that completes the same task as eclipse glasses.

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