Make The Most Of August 21st, 2017 With Unique Eclipse Eye Protection

Are you making plans for seeing the solar eclipse on August 21st? Maybe you plan on watching it in your backyard, or maybe you and some friends, family members or students are taking a drive out to a great, wide open space where you can have an unhampered view of the sky during this time. Seeing a solar eclipse is something that doesn’t happen every day so you should definitely make the most out of this opportunity. While making plans for seeing the solar eclipse, don’t forget to order eclipse eye protection!

Why Get Eclipse Eye Protection?

Proper eye protection for eclipses is special glasses that are designed especially for viewing solar eclipses. They will shield your eyes from all harmful rays and keep the brightness at a safe and comfortable level, while still giving a clear and sharp image of the moon and sun as they pass over each other. During totality, when the moon is completely in front of the sun, it is suggested that you take the glasses off. It will be safe to look at the eclipse at this point, and you don’t want to miss having an unfiltered, unhampered look at this amazing celestial event. Make sure that you put the glasses back on before the moon starts to move out from in front of the sun again, though!

Eclipse Glasses Are Customizable And Fun

Eclipse glasses frames can be made in a wide variety of interesting and exciting designs. Check out what there are for options and choose glasses that are uniquely suited for your own particular circumstances, personal style and the people you are going to see the eclipse with. In addition, eclipse glasses frames can be customized with special messages, names, and dates! After the solar eclipse, you can keep the glasses as a special souvenir.

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