Why Now is the Best Time to Replace Your Windows

With plenty of things on your mind, home maintenance tasks could easily slip through the cracks. If you’ve been meaning to shop for replacement windows in San Diego, but always end up putting it off, here’s why you’ll want to get that done now:

Pile of sky-high bills

If your energy consumption bills seem to be on a steady rise, have your AC checked and inspected. Once you’ve eliminated that from the list, you’ll want to have your windows inspected for air leaks next. Most times, it’s not the AC that’s the problem, it’s the air leaks caused by old windows. If that’s the case, shop for new windows so you can start lowering your monthly bills.

Compromised safety

Can’t close and lock your windows anymore? That could be a potential security hazard. It could provide criminal elements with an easy way to getting inside your home. Want to make sure your family’s safety isn’t compromised this way? Shop around and look for replacement windows in San Diego.

Too warm or cold

If it takes a long time for your rooms to get toasty and warm or for your home to cool, then you might want to have your windows checked for air leaks. That could be behind your discomfort as well. Stop fiddling with your heating or cooling settings, says Time, and consider installing new windows to improve comfort levels in your home right away.

Rot and disrepair

If your windows aren’t looking their best but you’re still convinced that they’ve got plenty more years in them, it might be wise and practical to be realistic about your expectations. If there’s too much rot already, then your windows need to go. Start scouting around for options. Even better, go for an upgrade instead of just going with the same style or type of window you always have.

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