Tax Deductions You May Not be Aware Of

Have you been working with tax preparation services in Edison? If so, you likely get all the deductions and exemptions you are entitled to. However, there are some unusual tax deductions you may qualify for too. The fact is, you need to explore all the options out there to reduce your tax responsibility.

Some of the most unique deductions to consider are found here.

Moving Your Pet

While most people know they can deduct their moving expenses, they may not realize that moving their pet can also qualify. If you relocate that makes your commute to work a minimum of 50 minutes from your prior residence, then it will make this deduction legit.

Stopping Smoking

If you are a smoker and you are trying to quit, that’s great and will be great for your health in the long run. You can also deduct the expenses related to quitting programs and any medication you use during the process.

Breast Milk

Certain medical expenses can be deducted from your taxes. One that many people aren’t aware of, and that your tax preparation services in Edison may not be aware of either, is deducting breast pump supplies and other items related to lactation.

Whaling Activities

There are certain types of whaling activities that will be able to be deducted if you are a certified whaling captain. You have to get this certification from the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission to claim the deduction.

If you believe that any of these deductions apply to you, make sure to let the tax preparation services in Edison you are using know.

Find out more about tax deductions you may be able to receive by visiting the WorkMyTaxes website.