Why Inspections are Necessary Before Roofing Repair in Lexington, KY

Many homeowners will see a leak and instantly worry that their entire roof will need to be replaced. Luckily, in most instances this is not the case. More frequently the problem is something minor which can easily be prepared. However, it is important to remember that a minor problem should never be ignored. It is this lack of maintenance that does lead to roof replacements down the road.


Common problems with roofing can be something as simple as a single damaged shingle. When one shingle is cracked or missing, it can easily allow water to seep under adjoining tiles making the damage seem much larger than it actually is. A simple roof inspection will make it possible to see if any other damage has occurred and then the repairs can be completed with confidence.

Sometimes Roofing repair in Lexington KY is needed because of problems with the gutters rather than the roof itself. When gutters are improperly maintained they can overflow and lead to water compromising the shingles. If you discover this issue on your own, it is still a good idea to have an inspection completed before bad weather finds its way inside.

Larger damage, such as an entire section of worn shingles or excessive algae growth can create the need for more extensive Roofing repair in Lexington KY. In these instances, the costs may be higher than a small repair but not necessarily as high as many people fear. Often the underlying surfaces are still stable and undamaged and the damaged shingles can be removed and replaced or even simply covered over with the new materials. This may not be possible if the algae or damage has been a problem for a period of time, because with each day the risk of water damage will increase.

Regardless of whether your roof damage is large or small or if you are just looking to find a roofing material which is more aesthetically pleasing, Affordable Exteriors can help. They are a professional team which is able to make homes safer and more attractive from the top down. Contact them today to make an appointment for an inspection estimate or repair.

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