Keeping Black Marks Off Asphalt Roofing In Indianapolis

When someone lives in an area prone to frequent precipitation, they may find their asphalt shingles suffer from the black mold as a result of excessive moisture. There are a few tasks that can help to keep black marks from appearing. Here are some tips the owner of a building with asphalt shingles can take to keep discoloration on Roofing in Indianapolis from occurring.

Trim Back Any Hanging Branches To Allow Sunlight Through

If a home or business is located in a shaded area, black mold will be more likely to grow. Tree branches hanging over asphalt shingles will block needed sunlight, keeping the rooftop wet after precipitation passes through. Making it a priority to do the frequent cutting off branches to expose the shingles to sunlight will aid in keeping mold from being able to grow as easily.

Clean Any Loose Debris From The Rooftop On A Needed Basis

When natural debris lands on asphalt shingles, water tends to get trapped underneath and around these items. Doing frequent cleaning sessions to remove twigs, clumps of leaves, and dirt will keep the rooftop in the best of shape, helping to decrease the chance of mold from growing. If the roof is cleaned via a pressure washer or hose, it should be done on a day where abundant sunshine is present, so the shingles dry quickly after the session is completed.

Use Metal Strips To Protect Shingles Underneath Them

Copper metal strips can be placed along the tops of each sloped roof panel to help keep black mold from growing. Mold will have trouble multiplying on surfaces where copper is present. If the shingles do not have copper granules making up their composition, placing the strips is a great alternative. When precipitation is present, the water that runs off the rooftop will pull small pieces of copper down across the shingles. A roofing company will be able to install these helpful tools if desired.

When there is a need to remove black algae from asphalt shingles, or if new shingles are necessary to replace discolored ones, calling a service that does Roofing in Indianapolis is best. Contact Amos Exteriors Inc to find out more about the services offered or to make an appointment for an evaluation.

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