Why Hardwood Floors Are Just Right

by | Sep 26, 2011 | Home Decor

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After a period of neglect, it seems like hardwood floors are in vogue again. It seems like everyone has suddenly woken up to this classy, elegant and useful material, and why not. Not only are they wonderful to look at, they are also extremely functional.

This type of flooring is truly time tested, in the most literal sense of the term. Hardwood floors laid hundreds of years ago are still found intact in old homes, even when the rest of the building is crumbling around them. No wonder they have been such a favorite of homeowners for generations, and even modern materials have been unable to dethrone hardwood as the king of flooring for any appreciable length of time.

If you need new flooring and are not yet aware of the wonders and advantages of hardwood, here are some of the most prominent reasons why people choose them over all others.

Easy to maintain: Unlike carpets, hardwood is easy to clean and easy to maintain. There is no fear of dust getting trapped between fibers as there is with carpets, and vacuuming is also much easier. If there is a liquid spill, all you have to do is mop it up and if necessary, apply some wood floor cleaner. Easy as anything.

Elegant: This type of flooring goes with almost any kind of décor and adds to the appearance of every room. The dark, warm wood finish, with its understated and soothing elegance is a favorite in homes and offices all over the country.

Long-lasting: Hardwood lasts for years with very little maintenance. All you need to do is re-sand it every time it gets rough and pitted, and you can rest easy.

It adds value: Surveys and studies show that houses with hardwood floors fetch higher prices in the market than those that have some other type of flooring. Hardly surprising, after all, everyone wants to enjoy the benefits of this type of floor.

These are some of the most basic and compelling advantages of a hardwood floor. Berk’s County PA, like many other places in America, love this type of flooring. Many residents have already gone for hardwood floors, and even more are choosing it every year. So if you are on the fence about which type of flooring to choose for your new home, most of them will advise you to take the leap of faith and go with hardwood – something you cannot go wrong with.

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