How to Choose An Expert Child Custody Lawyer – The Right Way!

Are you and your partner getting divorced and fighting for your child’s custody? Fighting for your child custody can become a distressing, horrible, and lengthy experience. Choosing the right lawyer can help you win the battle to get the full custody of your child. Moreover, it is the best way to avoid getting into legal hassles and ensuring your child’s future. Here are some essential points to help you learn how to select the right custody lawyer to defend you in court:

  • Go through the “Lawyer” entries carefully in yellow pages to find a specialized lawyer practicing in or around your neighborhood for a prolonged period of time. Once you have spotted some, jot down all the names and contact details of the lawyers practicing with a proven track record.
  • Next, call your local state bar association to know the credibility of the child custody lawyer you are focusing on. Ask them the questions that come to your mind like, the experience of the lawyer, are there any complaints on his name, how many times he has failed, and so on. It will help you choose the right lawyer.
  • Talk to your friends and relatives and ask them if they can give you recommendations. Perhaps any of your friends had a divorce lately and got involved in a child custody battle, he will be able to give you the contact details of his lawyer and can provide other necessary information. Ask him about his fees and the total number of child custody cases he has successfully handled so far.
  • If you think he is charging you extra, it is always a good decision to compare his fees with other lawyers in the market. Call other attorneys on your list and find out how much they are asking for similar services. Many attorneys offer free consultation when you are visiting the first time. So, it is essential to check out your options in order to hire the right one.
  • Before visiting your child custody lawyer, write down the questions that comes to your mind and take all your documents with you. Do not hesitate to share everything with your lawyer otherwise it might become difficult for him to win your case. He will let you know the details of legal and physical custody, child support, visitation rights, and other important things like health insurance, savings, and so on.

Take notes what your lawyer is telling you. Check out his professionalism and friendliness while visiting him for the first time. Remember, custody cases often take years to get resolved and during this time you need to work with an attorney like a friend. The rule is, do not just hire an expert lawyer, you also need to search for one who will help you feel at ease. To hire a lawyer specialized in child custody (San Bernardino has some of the best ones) consider the tips written above.