Which is Better- Waukesha WI Heating Repair or Heating Replacement?

If your heater isn’t working correctly, you may find yourself wondering whether you need Waukesha WI Heating Repair or heating replacment. Sometimes, the answer is easy. If a minor tweak is needed, or the repair is inexpensive, repair is the way to go. Unfortunately, more often than not, it is more complex than that. The heating repair may be costly, and you find yourself comparing the cost of the repair to the cost of a new unit. Luckily, a heating specialist can help you decide and make a decision that you feel comfortable with. Here are three things that a specialist looks at when helping you to determine whether heating repair or replacement is the smarter decision for you.

The Age of the Heater:

One of the biggest factors that a Waukesha WI Heating Repair company will look at when recommending repair versus replacement is the age of the unit. If the repair costs a hefty amount of money, it won’t make sense to spend it on a unit that is nearing the end of its lifespan. Likewise, if a new unit needs a repair, it may not make sense to spend the money for a replacement heater when the unit should last a long time once repaired.

The Heater’s Current Condition:

Another important factor that is considered when determining whether repair or replacement is better for you is the condition of your heating unit. Depending on the elements your unit has been exposed to and the condition you have kept it in, your unit may or may not last as long as it should. If you haven’t made repairs or if your unit is exposed to harsh conditions, its lifespan may be short. In such cases, repairs may be futile.

Energy Efficiency of the Heater:

The last factor that is looked at when recommending heater repair or replacement is the efficiency of your unit. If your unit is older, it may not be efficient. A newer unit may be more efficient, saving you money on your monthly heating bill. If the cost difference is huge, a replacement unit may make more sense for you.

If your heater isn’t working correctly, give Heiden Plumbing Heating & Cooling Waukesha WI a call today. They can help determine what the problem is and help you decide if you should repair the unit or replace it altogether based on the above factors.

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