When you need Pontiac bond agents have you covered

A professional bail bond service is a company that pledges money to the courts to ensure that a person with a court date, often someone who has been accused of a crime, makes the scheduled court appearance. Bail agents, those responsible for paying the court in the event that the accused person does not show up, often has a standing agreement with the local court officials. For this service the bond agent charges a fee to the person being bonded, which is usually not refundable. The person being bonded may also be required to place collateral equal to or greater than the value of the bond being promised to the court. In the event that the person misses his or her court date, the bail bond agent can, and will, not only hunt down and capture the person, but also claim the collateral to cover their expenses.

For those persons needing Pontiac residents have many options. Most professional bail bond service offices can often be found around the area of the local court house, as well as in the local telephone book. Since all bail services have their own lengthy bail bond agreements, which may vary greatly between different services, the person needing a bond, or their family members, will need to discuss the specific details of the service before making a decision on which company to use.

In the event that a person flees, commonly referred to as skipping bail or bond jumping, the bonding agent is authorized under law to hunt down the defendant, either themselves or by making use of a bounty hunter, and place them into court custody. This means that once a defendant flees, his or her bond is revoked and when the court revokes the Pontiac agents will make sure that person is caught and brought to justice.

In many jurisdictions only ten percent of the bond amount is required, so if you find yourself in trouble and needing a bail bond service, be sure and find out exactly what, and how much, you are required to pay. Most bond agents are very lax and professional, requiring only that you check in with them on a set schedule, appear in court when you are supposed to, and do not get into any more trouble while under their bond.

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