When to Have Your Heater and Air Conditioning Checked

Inspection is a major part of making sure that your appliances stay functional over time. If you let all of your pieces of equipment go unchecked, then issues will crop up when you least expect them. When it comes to air conditioning and heating units, these issues usually strike right when you most need the climate around you managed. Regular inspection can keep those issues at bay, and nip problems in the bud before they ever even develop.

Air Conditioning

An air conditioner should be checked for issues once a year, unless it is showing immediate signs of an issue. Not only should it be examined then, it should also be thoroughly cleaned, to make sure that it has as long a life as possible. Generally, it’s advisable to have such inspections carried out in the spring, right before you start using the air conditioner more extensively. That way, the inspection will see all the issues that might have been caused by use over the last year, and ones that might have cropped up over the more recent months of disuse.


Just like an air conditioner, it is advisable to have your heater checked, and thoroughly cleaned, once a year. Also like air conditioning, you should have this done right before it starts to get use, generally in the fall. This process is even more vital with a heater; air conditioning units might occasionally smoke when there’s an issue, but heaters are far more likely to cause a fire if they are maintained poorly. Furthermore, the only thing worse than no air conditioning in the summer is no heat in the winter; the former can be very inconvenient, but the latter can kill you.

Getting your climate control appliances serviced regularly is even more important in areas of the country that experience extreme winters and summers. If you need services for heating and air conditioning in Tulsa, getting regular maintenance every year can save you the hassle of costly repairs, or even the prospect of getting a new one entirely.

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