When to Contact a Dermatologist

With so much pressure to have the perfect, golden tan, you may find yourself visiting a tanning salon or laying out in the sun two or three times per week. However, this is dangerous for your skin, and you need to pay close attention to your moles. While everyone should have their moles checked occasionally, those who expose their skin to UV radiation more often should contact a dermatologist at least once each year, especially if they notice something different about one or more moles.

Unending Itches

Your skin itches many times each day, and a simple scratch is typically enough to handle the issue. However, any itch that does not go away for seven or more days needs the swift attention of a dermatologist. This type of persistent itching may be caused by an allergic reaction to medications, a new laundry detergent, or a serious skin condition. Therefore, you should not put off calling on a professional when you notice something odd happening with your skin.

Uncontrollable Acne

It is not unusual to have acne throughout the stages of your lifetime, but a dermatologist should examine acne that refuses to go away or improve over several months. A professional will have access to stronger treatment options that can help resolve the problem. A dermatologist with extensive experience should be able to evaluate your situation to determine if the problem is caused by a hormonal imbalance, a new medicine, or another underlying factor. An in-depth consultation will help you find the relief for acne to eliminate the need to spend hundreds of dollars on acne relief products that are not working.

Sun Sensitivity

If you recently started to experienced more sun sensitivity than usual, along with intense fatigue and muscle aches, it is time to visit a professional for a biopsy and blood work. These symptoms are telltale signs of systemic lupus, which needs careful management once diagnosed. If you wait too long, your symptoms will only worsen and cause you more problems. A trained professional will know what options are available and how to treat your problem with greater ease. Consider the Vein Center of Louisiana, and when you decide to get started, you can book a consultation. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.