Occupational Services Including Drug Testing In Anderson OH Are Available Through Urgent Care

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Physician

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Urgent care facilities perform Drug Testing Anderson OH for employers. These tests are conclusive and present accurate results. Employers who receive drug screening for employees benefit from the services of urgent care facilities for this reason and more. Other agencies such as probation offices may also utilize these facilities for drug testing services to determine whether a violation of a probation order has occurred.

Services Offered at Urgent Care Facilities

All local resident may receive medical care through an urgent care facility. Patients may utilize the physician within these facilities as a regular doctor and receive care and check-ups regularly. In additional to these services are occupational options utilized by employers such as drug screening and evaluation of worker’s compensation-based injuries. The staff within an urgent care facility are familiar with the necessary procedures for performing these tasks as well as filing proper documentation and claims with the employer’s insurance carrier.

Local law authorities such as probation or parole officers may utilize these facilities to perform random drug testing. The staff within the urgent care facilities perform this testing based on the procedures required by the county court. All findings are immediately reported to the officers along with documentation when necessary for court-related purposes.

Local Urgent Care Facility

Eastside Urgent Care provides immediate medical care for all local residents. This facility additionally performs services for employers and local authorities. Among these services are drug screenings, occupational medicine, and evaluations of worker’s compensation-based injuries. The facility offers a wealth of options in terms of medical care for residents as well. They treat non-life threatening emergencies and provided regular physician-based care. To learn more about their services or schedule an appointment visit ESUrgentCare.com.

With Drug Testing Anderson OH, you make distinctions about applicants who wish to work within your company before you hire them. All drug testing is conclusive and completely accurate. You may also acquire these tests if you suspect an employee is using drugs while performing job duties. Local law authorities can utilize an urgent care facility to conduct drugs screening for individuals on probation or parole to indicate a violations.

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