When to Call a Criminal Defense Attorney in Ann Arbor MI

Being charged with a crime can be quite frightening, stressful, and life changing. Defendants are supposed to be presumed innocent unless proven guilty in the United States. The burden of proof lies with the prosecutor, not with you. That should provide you some comfort. A good criminal defense attorney will be able to mount an effective defense that involves reviewing all the evidence, including police bodycam footage, conduct their own investigation and interviews to learn what really happened and whether the prosecution could prove their case. At the very least, an effective lawyer can persuade the judge that you deserve a lighter sentence. The defense you choose will depend on your circumstances and your attorney’s aptitude. It’s very important, however, that you gather as much information as possible before your initial consultation.

Gather Information

From the moment you are arrested or accused of a crime, the police are gathering evidence against you. They are doing what they can to show that you committed a crime. Do not make any statements to the police other than identifying yourself. Anything and everything you say or do can be used against you. A skilled criminal defense attorney in Ann Arbor MI will know what to do with the evidence presented. If this is a crime involving another person, make sure to keep track and preserve all the information you have in the event you have an opportunity to show that the police got it wrong. Crimes involving others usually results in a race to who calls the police first. Often times the police will believe the person who makes first contact. It’s also important to call an attorney quickly, as each second represents a moment that could be spent on building a winning defense. The professionals at a firm such as Hermanowski Law will be able to help you build an effective case. The earlier you contact them, the more convincing and well-prepared your case will be.

Cooperate with Your Attorney

Far too often, defendants do not cooperate with their criminal defense attorney. Your attorney is bound by honor and duty to help you as much as possible. They have an ethical responsibility to provide you a zealous defense. The more forthcoming you are, the more able he or she is to mount an effective defense. If you aren’t honest with your attorney, then they can’t do their best work to help you. You also shouldn’t be worried that your attorney will share your words. Your attorney cannot tell anyone about the things you say without your permission. This is called the “attorney-client privilege”.

If you have been charged with a crime or are worried that you soon will be, you should contact Hermanowski Law for an experienced criminal defense attorney in Ann Arbor MI who will help you compile a great defense. A great defense lawyer could make all the difference between happily going home and spending some time in jail.

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