Fresh Fruit and Vegetables are Abundant in California’s Central Valley

California’s central valley is often called the “breadbasket of the nation.” The rich, fertile soil and abundant sunshine mean that all sorts of fruits and vegetables can be grown here, year-round.

The central valley stretches 450-miles down the center of the state and encompasses more than 7-million irrigated acres of farmland. It is among the most productive agricultural regions in the world, producing more than half of the produce grown in the United States. Nearly 250 different crops thrive in the central valley, including almonds, tomatoes, grapes, asparagus, and apricots. In fact, the central valley produces a full 60% of the world’s almond supply.

The high agricultural production of the central valley makes a cold storage system for fruits and vegetables in California essential. From warehouses in cities like Fresno, Redding, and Sacramento, the valley’s produce is shipped all over the country. But before the product is loaded onto trains and trucks, it must be refrigerated to stay as fresh as possible.

A visit to California’s central valley means abundant, fine food and wine. While California’s cities have exploded in population, the Central Valley has kept to its historic, agricultural roots. An agricultural tour of the central valley is an adventure most visitors to the Golden State never experience. Drive through the valley’s shady orchards, and stop along the way to buy fresh, delicious apricots, peaches, plums, and nectarines.

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