When Is the Best Time to Have HVAC Maintenance in St. Augustine, FL Performed?

If you want to make sure your cooling and heating system works as it should, you need to have regular inspections performed bi-annually. This means that you should have your AC checked in the spring and your heating system inspected in the early fall. By taking these measures, you won’t run into a heating or cooling problem at the most inopportune time.

When You Should Make the Call

When you schedule HVAC maintenance in St. Augustine, FL, it pays to be prepared. Being prepared means that you always have a regular contact date when you call your heating and service company. You should call the company, for instance, on the first of March to have your AC inspected and at the beginning of September to service your furnace.

Avoid any Unnecessary Problems

When you don’t have regular HVAC maintenance performed, you can run into some dilemmas – problems that could have been completely avoided if you planned ahead. For example, one of the worst events to experience is when the furnace goes out when it is freezing outside. Of course, this always happens on the coldest day in Florida. You could have avoided this situation with a regular inspection.

Reduce the Incidence of Costly Repairs

When HVAC maintenance is performed, it helps you determine whether you need further repairs – repairs that are much less costly than breakdowns or unexpected cooling or heating disruptions. If you want to maintain your home’s comfort level, preventative maintenance will give you the means to avoid major repairs in the future.

Work with a Leader in the Heating and Cooling Industry

Would you like to learn more about heating or cooling inspections for your residence? If so, check out a company that is a leader in the heating and cooling field. Call First Coast Climate Control with any questions about inspections or to arrange a heating or cooling appointment today.

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