Make Sure Your Home is Protected: Sneaky Signs You Need Professional Garage Door Service in Rockton, IL

If you own a home in Rockton, IL, it’s important to make sure your garage door is in proper working order. Ailing garage doors can cause big problems like pest infestations, increased energy costs and higher susceptibility to theft or vandalism. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to tell if your garage door is past its prime. Here are some clues that you may need professional Garage Door Service in Rockton, IL.

Wood Rot

Wooden garage doors are highly susceptible to wood rot from water exposure or termite infestation, especially in wet, humid climates. To see if your wood has been infected, try driving the tip of a pen or screwdriver into your garage door. The wood should hold firm under pressure. If it flakes or crumbles away easily or the screwdriver is easily inserted into the wood, it may be time for repair or replacement.

Increased Energy Bills

If your energy bills have increased suddenly and substantially, your garage door could be to blame. Insufficient insulation, cracks and holes or an uneven door can let precious cool air out of the home, causing utility bills to skyrocket. If you’re not sure your garage door is the culprit, it can help to have a professional perform an energy audit in your home. If your garage door turns out to be part of the problem, it’s definitely time for Garage Door Service in Rockton, IL. Repairs may be necessary, and you may want to consider upgrading to a heavily-insulated door to save big on energy costs.

Noisy Garage Doors

If your garage door makes excessive noise as it opens and closes, you could have a problem. A properly functioning garage door should open and close easily and almost soundlessly–creaking, whistling or grinding are never good signs. Unusual noises could be caused by motor issues, failing springs or unbalanced mechanisms. In any case, it’s best to call a professional to determine and fix the problem because any of these issues could become a safety hazard.

Your garage door protects your vehicles and your home from the outside elements, so you should always make sure it’s in good condition and functioning properly. If you suspect a problem, click here to contact Roscoe Garage Door Service. They’ve been servicing the area for over 40 years and offer highly competitive rates.

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